Day Of The Dead

Death Is Hungry
Death is hungy,
is there a piece of bread
somewhere around there?
Don't finish it all,
leave some for me.
Chili with egg,
chili with bread,
death wants to eat.

It's Time To Take The Masterpiece
An artist admiring her nature scene mural
was tapped on her shoulder by a pale elegant tall lady.
"Do you like my work?" the artist asked,
"You can make an offer if you want."
"Are you into art?" the artist asked.
"I'm into you," the dead replied.
"This is my masterpiece" the painter explained;
"and it is not time for me to pass to the other life, is it?"
"Of course, it's the end of your show" answered the spirit.
"Let me at least put a frame on my piece" asked the painter.
"There is not time for such a thing;
now you will rest in peace,
and for eternal life you will be
my beautiful and grand masterpiece."


bardo WORDS